St Joseph's Catholic School New Plymouth - Primary School catering for children from new entrants to year 6



Mr Mike Dowd

Deputy Principal (Senior School):


Deputy Principal

(Junior School):

Mrs Fiona Hopkirk  

Director of Religious Studies:

Mrs Margaret Chylek



Year 0


Mrs Fiona Hopkirk Year 0 & 1
  Miss Jenna Sullivan Year 1 & 2
  Mrs Tania Dowd Year 1 & 2
  Mrs Lorraine Craven Year 1 & 2
  Mrs Julia Ropitini Year 3 & 4 
  Miss Sarah Thomas Year 3 & 4
  Mrs Eileen Murphy Year 3 & 4
  Mr Tony Basile Year 3 & 4
  Mrs Emma McIntosh Year 5 & 6
  Mr Michael Healion Year 5 & 6
  Mrs Margaret Chylek-Peters Year 5 & 6
  Mrs Paula Corlett Enrichment
  Mrs Margaret Chylek-Peters  Lourdes Friday Teacher 
  Mrs Margaret Chylek-Peters Bright Buttons
  Mrs Kathy Lobb Reading Recovery
  Mrs Michelle Politakis Special Needs
  Mrs Wendy O'Keeffe ESOL
  Mrs Margaret Chylek-Peters Release Teacher
  Ms Deborah Boon Release Teacher
  Mrs Julia Ropitini Release Teacher

Teacher Aides:

Mrs Angela Watson-Cowie  
  Mrs Paddy Bungay  
Mrs Julie Martin
Mrs Katie Chapman

Office Administrator:

Mrs Sharon Fisher  

OSCAR Administration:

Mrs Carol Dravitzki  


Mrs Angela Watson-Cowie   


Mr Wayne Hopson  


Mrs Francie & Mr Roger Ford