St Joseph's Catholic School New Plymouth - Primary School catering for children from new entrants to year 6

School Organisation

  • All pupil absences will be accounted for.  If the message is not left in person, parents are asked to contact the school if their children are absent before 8:50am.  An answer phone message service is provided as well as a cellphone for texting absences (021 023 01385).
  • Unaccounted for children’s parents are phoned by the school secretary to ascertain that they are away and the reason.
  • Children arriving late (i.e. after the bell has rung) are expected to ‘check into the office’ immediately on arrival.
  • A written note should be provided if your child is going to be absent during term time for holidays, etc.

  • Requests to administer medicines must in all cases be a signed instruction / waiver and the appropriate form is supplied by the school.  Pain relief is not supplied by the school for the use of students and cannot be verbally requested to be administered without the supply and accompanying written documentation.  In general if a child requires pain relief they are deemed to be not well enough to remain at school.
  • Classroom teachers will inform the Secretary of any pupil who has become sick whilst at school.  Parents will be phoned and where possible asked to collect the pupil.

  • Games involving tag, balls or chasing on the playground equipment are not allowed.
  • Pupils in years 0, 1 & 2 use the Junior Adventure Playground only.
  • Pupils in year 3 can use either the Junior or Senior Adventure Playground.
  • Pupils in years 4, 5 & 6 to use the Senior Adventure Playground only.
  • Parents are responsible for after school/out of hours supervision of children’s play on our adventure playgrounds.


  • Calvert Road is manned by Year 6 road patrol wardens.
  • Devon Street crossing – children meet at the junior playground and are walked up the Devon Intermediate driveway and across the Devon Street pedestrian crossing to Lorna Street by an on-duty teacher.

Weather permitting, unclaimed children are to wait outside in the approved area (under trees outside Office large window) or alternatively in the foyer, if wet, while office staff make arrangements.

  • No children are to be in classrooms before 8:15am.
  • It is expected that arrangements will be in place at the end of the school day for children to be picked up at 2.50pm.  Children who have not been collected by 3.00pm will be placed in OSCAR.

The school will meet fortnightly at 2:10pm on Thursdays in the Scout Hall.  Classes will take turns to organise and run the assembly.  When the need arises the assembly time will change to fit in with school activities.  Assemblies will provide a time:

  • to present certificates.
  • to inform children of organisation details.
  • class contributions
  • personal achievement
  • performance


On alternate weeks, a certificate assembly will be held at 12.20pm.

Every Monday morning begins with a School Prayer in the Scout Hall.

8:50am          School Begins
11:00am        Morning Interval
11:20am        Classes Resume
12:40pm        Lunchtime
1:30pm          Classes Resume
2:50pm          School Finishes



Student's birthdays are acknowledged and celebrated in the classroom.  We ask that parents do not send along loot bags, lollies or cake, etc, to school.

The school subscribes to Scholastic Book Club.  Orders can be made online at  A book fair will be held in Term 2.

A Year 5/6 Camp is held in Term 1. 

A Year 6 overnight camp is held at the end of the year.

All classrooms are equipped with computers/digital devices. These will be utilised as tools across the curriculum where appropriate. 

St Joseph's children will receive appointments when they are due for dental treatment at the Rangiatea Community Dental Clinic at 131 South Road, telephone 751 3507.

The strategies outlined in the school wide Positive Behaviour Plan will be followed by all staff.



Please refrain from bringing dogs on to the school site.

The wearing of the approved school uniform is expected. 
Pupils are expected to be clean and tidy.  The wearing of the school sunhat is compulsory in summer.  The only jewellery permissible is a watch and stud earrings or items of religious or cultural significance.

This is done mainly by the Friends of St Joseph’s. 

The school health nurse visits regularly and can be contacted if parents have any concerns.


Parents are requested to label clothing and items.  Unclaimed items will be stored in the bin in the main corridor and if not matched with owners will go into the recycled uniform store.  All other items are eventually donated to charities.

Newsletters will be sent home as required. The eldest child from each family will be issued with a newsletter.  Parents can elect to also receive the newsletter by email by contacting the School Office.


Parents are encouraged to become actively involved with their children’s education particularly if it suits the classroom teacher’s plans.  Parent help activities may include:

  • Assistance with written language / reading programmes / supervision of games / repairing and making resources / sharing hobbies and interests / transport.
  • Training for parent helpers is provided as required.


Religious Education is taken in each class to meet the requirements of the curriculum.
School Masses are held at St Joseph’s Church approximately once a month in which the children play an active role.
Class Masses take place once a year in each classroom.  Parents and extended family are invited to attend these special occasions.

Formal reporting methods are as follows:

  • Learning Conferences (Term 1/2).
  • Written reports in December.


All pupils are encouraged to keep the school tidy. Recycled materials are placed in the blue bins. Year six environmental leaders take recycle bins to gate Thursday afternoons and collect bins Friday mornings.

As per Smokefree legislations all buildings, facilities and grounds at St Joseph’s Catholic School are smokefree at all times.

The children are encouraged to participate in team sport.  Sports offered at the School are:
Cricket                          Terms 1 & 4
Soccer                           Terms 2 & 3
Hockey                          Terms 2 & 3

Netball                          Terms 2 & 3
Basketball/Miniball         Terms 2 & 3
Touch Rugby                 Term 4

The senior school also participate in inter-school sports throughout the year.

The purchasing of children’s stationery is the parent’s responsibility.  A list for the New Year is sent out with the end of year report.  Class teachers will send a note home if additional items are required during the year.


Instructional use will be made of the pool during Term 1.  Skill development is to be given priority.  Recreational lunchtime swims are provided for senior team classes at the discretion of staff.
Pool keys are available for a nominal fee for Term 1 for families to use the pool after school and during weekends.